I’ve been writing investment commentary for nearly a decade now.  My previous site, www.riskoverreward.com started as an email list in 2008 to warn friends and family of the impending financial crisis and then became a general investment blog with the help of value investor Arun Rao.  Recently, the blog became more and more focused on cryptocurrency and I felt guilty for inundating my readers with such a narrow strain of commentary.  If you’re here, it means you *want* to read about cryptocurrency.

I’m not an engineer, nor a cryptographer.  What can I contribute to the crypto space?  I work as a portfolio manager for a $7.5 billion endowment and spent most of my career as a professional derivatives trader. While the crypto space has plenty of brilliant programmers, there aren’t many people who bring the perspective of a professional investor to the space.

The primary purpose of this blog is to provide insights that will contribute to profitable investments in the cryptocurrency space.  These investments will include venture capital style investments in the equity of crypto companies, shorter term trades of publicly listed tokens, and purchases of initial coin offerings (ICOs).

The secondary purpose of this blog is networking.  Cryptocurrencies represent a fascinating intersection of cryptography, game theory, computer science, economics, technical trading, and even marketing.  I’m only an expert in two of those things, and so I rely heavily on the expertise of engineers and cryptographers.  Even in the areas in which I can call myself an expert, I’ve learned the usefulness of leveraging other investors’ research, analysis, and information flows to improve my own decision making.  So please, reach out!  Use the “Contact” page to introduce yourself and let’s dive deeper.

The third purpose of this blog is to falsify my own ideas.  I love nothing more than when someone says, “bullshit!” and explains why I’ve ignored some important aspect of an investment thesis.  My current understanding of the crypto space is the result of many such cries of “bullshit!”, and I ask you readers to let me know when you disagree with my logic or even when you dispute basic facts.

Welcome, and let’s dive in.


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